Live Like a Star: Our Favorite Celebrity Lifestyle Sites

By: | October 12, 2011
 Live Like a Star: Our Favorite Celebrity Lifestyle Sites


In the nurturing mold of Ms. Winfrey and Ms. Stewart, the stars we see on-screen are launching websites spelling out their personal brands and distinct tastes. We zero in on two that are making waves

Gwyneth Paltrow is hardly “just like us.” Born into showbiz’s upper crust, she won an Oscar at 25 and calls Steven Spielberg godfather. Coldplay’s Chris Martin is her husband, while Madonna is a good friend. As unattainable as her life appears, however, she tirelessly and quite lovingly shares it with us, almost always step-by-step.

What to expect: Recipes involving agave nectar, goat cheese, and Veganaise; hotel and restaurant recommendations in Paris, London, and Barcelona; killer post-holiday detoxes and workouts; organic skin care raves and designer wardrobe must-haves

If uniqueness and all things twee are more your speed, you’re in luck. Deliciously offbeat actress/musician Zooey Deschanel brings you Billed as an “entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females,” boasts sections with names like “Social Studies” and “Moms,” to ““Cuteness,” “Fresh Giggles,” and “He Haw.”

What to expect: Largely user-generated chunks of content on everything from cupcakes to hormones; Zooey’s posts (complete with photos) include discussions of her mom’s retro-chicness, and a “crafternoon,” where, with her Hello Kitty machine, she adorably teaches you how to make your own drawstring bag


Real Women, Real Lives (Sidebar Content)

These women have been sharing their lives with blog audiences year in and year out

  • “Confessions of a Pioneer Woman” ( – City girl turned country lass Ree Drummond chronicles her journey from concrete to buckwheat. Photography, recipes, home decorating advice, and parenting suggestions in exuberant Mid-Western ranch flavor – the virtual get-away from the urban bound

  • “A Cup of Jo” ( – Joanna Goddard’s eye for all things good and fine extend from fashion, photography, and design, to ideas, books, people, and insights.

  • “Dooce” ( – Utah native Heather Armstrong is a wife, mother, and former Mormon who continues to live among actual Mormons, but it is her admirably honest wit that keeps readers hooked. From depression, to pregnancy, to marriage, to everyday life, is where nothing is sacred, and anything can be inspirational



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